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It's been over seven months since the planning started on this project, and at times, when a finishing deadline passes (and there have been a few), I've been ready to give up and go riding on a solo again At about this stage of the build, I ran out of steam, couldn't summon the enthusiasm to come up with ideas.

On this particular day, I went out to start the bike (I've been starting it every week and letting it run for a while) and though the ignition was on, nothing happened. Spent half an hour checking things - nothing.
Once or twice, the cooling fan came on when I turned the key, but every time I pressed the button - zilch.
At once stage, I leaned across the tank, pressed the button, and felt a "clunk" that seemed to be from inside the tank.
Long story, short - pulled the filler/cap off and pulled the pump and filter out of the tank.

The rubber piece is/was the retainer that holds the fuel pump. It had dried out a bit by the time I had taken the pic, but when I pulled it out, was in an almost liquid state.

The filter screen that sits around the pump was broken and some of the "liquid" rubber had sucked into the pump and it had seized solid, hence the clunk when I pressed the button.

There was also a fair bit of rust around the tank sender. Apparently, ethanol blend fuel will have that effect on any rubber in the fuel system. So I cleaned the tank (I'd already replaced all the fuel hoses and all the seals in the injection system after the bike came back from Ringwood). On advice from John Sargeant, via McCardigan, I bought an EF falcon fuel pump (at a quarter the price of the BMW pump ). It was a tad smaller then the original but with a few mods, the pump went back into the tank.

At last year's sidecar rally, Snayle copped a bit of crap after his fuel filter caused a few dramas, so I decided to mount my new one outside the tank.

And while I was doing it, I fitted an Anderson plug alongside it. This would avoid pulling seats, computers etc if I need to get at the battery terminals, and it was another power source if I need one.

Then I started doing a dummy fit out of all the fuel hoses, pump etc.

The fuel line from the auxilliary tank was plumbed into the fuel return hose (From the regulator to the main tank) via a t-piece. A tap will also be fitted.

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