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Originally Posted by dcstrom
Dickhead yerself... I'm Australian but haven't lived there for 10 years, BUT I knew of the website that you say "no one's heard of" in the late 90's. It's run by Fairfax, the largest newspaper conglomerate in the country.

What's your point? That you paid more, or less, than what's quoted on the web site? And how does that make R3B a dickhead? IF you paid more than RRP, who's the dickhead?

I believe the reason he had not heard of the site is that it is now virtually unknown. I found the site which does not list any BMW used bikes whilst bikesales and bikepoint list aroud 500. Ducati had 2 listings whilst in bikesales there were 450+. Normally BMW dealers in Australia do not discount new models that are in demand. And the 800GS is on a waiting list. The base price is $16750 with additional costs as per "raiders" estimates. He is basically correct in what he states.
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