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Originally Posted by raider
In Australia, it is necessary to pay "on road costs" in addition to the unit cost of the motorcycle. These costs include registration, insurance, third-party insurance, stamp duty, and dealer delivery fees. Depending on your state, these add between $1500 and $4000 to the list price of the bike.
Ah, and you have evaded thoze taxes with your beemer?

Or do those costs just ad up to every sold bike its price?

As stated earlier, be fair in comparing, don't bias one side or another on incoherent grounds, but on facts. I could give lots of Quotes from other sites, stating the same as stated earlier, eand you know thattoo.

It's quite simple...

If you don't like the Super Tenere, why in hells name are you reading here, that's pure sadomasochism, please yourself and have a good day in one of the many many "ooh aahh i've go myself an expensive gizmobike" threads concerning the F800GS,but beware there are a lot of horror stories about seizures, collapsing backwheels etcetera , if you are afaid of such stories you better stay here :-) (i'f you grasp what imean by that...)

ANd now for something completely different: I've been invited to Schiphol Rijk, to have a real life taster of the Tenere !
(many thanks to Jeroen Termaat making it possible)
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