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Originally Posted by Lion BR
I went to Syvia's website. Really nice stories about motorcycles. I read it all. Although she criticizes BMWs, she also talks fondly of them. And I did not feel she no longer has BMWs because of any BMW problems. She mentions that it was because the r1100gs was too tall and heavy for her, since after the accident with the r1200gs. For those same reasons, I doubt she would be inclined to ride the new Super Tenere.
Maybe it's time for me to answer ;-)

I do speak very fondly of BMW's, that's true. Especially of the 1100GS. But I have also been very disappointed with the 1200GS: leaks, very rough engine, problems with the electronics. Far enough problems to know that I would never buy another 1200GS.

As for the 1100's, the problem is that they are all so very different: there is a chance that you buy a very good one; there is an equal chance to end up with a bike with which I will never be friends.

You are right about the fact that after the accident, I was not able to handle such a heavy bike. At this moment, I would be able to, but I have been getting used to ride a light-weight, one cylinder bike: I don't long for a heavier bike.

So I will stick to my 660 Tenere, but it is also true that I would not go back to BMW if I would long for a two-cylinder GS-like bike.
And I will certainly testride the new SuperTenere!
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