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so finished lunch then back of into the forest....

some kooky stuff in them there forests...


real kookie....

so enough of the kookiness, time to get lost (kinda)


kinda funny, i was riding around here for a while, and acording to gps i was on a 'reasonable' road..

but the damn thing just kept turning to crap etc...

wasnt untill i was standin on the pegs and happened to look over to the right that i realised the road i was 'suposed' to be on was about 5 metres to my right, just thru some thick tea tree bushes...!

anyway, the day was movin on, i was thinkin i stayed in Orleans Bay too long and had to get a scoot on.. but was also thinkin i was really just goin non stop for days and it wasnt really a 'holiday'... was fun but, wasnt really havin enough time to explore (except this morning)...

it was was it was...onward...

some damn cool tracks out here!

and some more creeks!



the middle..

there was a family camped just up out of the river on the right... they heard the 800 and mosseyed out to watch.. .. round of aplause as i came up... stopped for a chat.. brilliant camp spot too.. (and nice to see a bloke go campin with his wife and 2 girls.. great he can still do that without any 'sons'..)

anyway, another 10km of this joy took me to the highway..

cross the South Western Highway and head in towards Broke Harbour, then east onto Chesapeake rd..

about 200 km's of this..

over bridges like this..

road got rougher at the west end..

down into The De' Somethingkindafrenchsoundingbutimnotgonnatryspelli t National Park..

and more rivers..

then onwards to Pemberton for the night..

Checked into the YHA..

then hit the pub for a mixed grill and a couple of pints...

(it was livelier than the pic shows, cos i took that pick the next mornin on my way out.. )

after dinner it was back to the hostel with a 6 pack and a long 'social' night with a bird from the UK.......


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