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Originally Posted by Jurgen
Spent too much time on the manufacturer's website. I really like your set up. Downsides seem to be as you say, no retreat to the trailer (bugs/weather) unless you are laying down.

But I camp to be out, not in...

How hot does I get in HOT weather.

Has anyone put some solar cells on to boost the electrics?
Yep, we have done mostly temperate weather camping, but we have the 'Fantastic Fan' that runs for days off the battery and actually moves a TON of air - so if you can open the windows and the hatch a bit you are good [and you can close the back and move the easy up to cover the entire trailer!] for some ventilation unless it's pouring.

IF we have AC at the campsite [don't laugh, we found a LOT of the state camps in the south have power if not water], we have an 8,000 BTU A/C unit built in. It works pretty well, and if you need it, it's worth having.

As to retreat: Ours is the 560 which has the 'couch', but it's not convenient by any means. But with the bug screens and fans, if the bugs outside are horrible, you have a refuge - the only place we found it necessary to fully retreat was north of Fairbanks, AK.

I have put about 15 watts of solar panel on the roof and borrowed a 35 watt panel for a summer trip. I have the 72 amp/hour battery, which would be hard to drain unless you really work at it. The on-board battery charges from the Car when driving [assuming you wire the car to do so], plus any time you plug into 120 volts you both run and recharge. The 120 is only needed for the A/C so with onboard water, dry camping is not impossible. If we KNOW we are dry camping we carry an extra 5 gallon jerry can of water, and when camped we use that to tanker water in.

I know I come acrss as an intolerable booster, but I spent two months plus living in this camper two summers ago and the wife and I found about two minor nits - so minor we forgot them. It's a very thoughtful design that requires the owner to simply determine what level of finish they want and what they want in the kitchen.

The ability to carry a complete, ready to use kitchen makes cooking and cleaning such an easy thing that we can prepare reasonably healthy meals - the only thing we lack is an oven...and we bought a folding Coleman oven which, well, it works but it takes up both burners - we have only used it twice - we keep an active look out for stove top recipies and have a nice big file.
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