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Originally Posted by Patrol
My wife grew up in England and she's wanted one ever since. I got an incredible deal on it. It had belonged to the owner of a LR/Jaguar dealership. 13000 miles and 50% off, hard to go wrong. I don't think we'll get rid of it, but the way it drinks gas is unreal. I've never owned anything that came close to it as a guzzler.
Yeah, Disco's are pretty shitty on fuel consumption: I think about that all the time as I drive around town, but never when I'm out in the back-country in it (well, maybe I think "do I have enough fuel to get back?".....).

BLUF: if you're getting around 12 in traffic and 15 on the highway, that's ball-park. If it's worse than that, see a good mechanic or spend some time on Land Rover Repair Forums to learn what effects MPG.

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