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Originally Posted by Greenflyfarmer
Hey, I know some of y'all have a lot of experience out west. I've just got my feet wet out there a couple of times. However, for those interested in knowing more about Colorado, check out this primer.

Great pics too.
Yup, great stuff there...I got winded etc in Crested Butte, the GF got headaches so these words of wisdom struck a chord

Generalized Hypoxia occurs in HEALTHY people when they ascend to high altitudes and it can lead to things like altitude sickness, high altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE) and high altitude cerebral edema (HACE). This stuff can kill you. I dunno the official rules but my rule of thumb is any time I'm above 10,000 feet I pay attention to my body for signs of altitude sickness. If you live closer to sea level you might want to start keeping an eye out any time you are above 8000 feet or so.. as your body will not be as acclimatized. Be aware if you start to develop a severe headache or feel nauseous and weak.

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