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Originally Posted by Wylie
Those little hyperlite trailers are pretty cool and look a lot more cost effective then the Airstream.

I'm with Klay even at 14K that's a bunch of cash and I didn't see an option for a generator or generator compartment, no mention of hook ups either. No interior pictures on that web site either.

Oops I missed a couple pages of the web site.
IF I were in the market for a 'full-service' trailer - stand up with bath, I'd probably lay the cash down on an Airstream - they just seem to be the most durable, although you get mad space into those gooseneck trailers, you lose the bed of the truck.

But the only way I would get something that large would be to live in it for a longer time than say a summer, because personally, I'm unable to justify a big tow vehicle for the rest of my life.

These smaller units are ideal for most users unless you must simply bring your entire house with you. I saw people in Alaska never get out of their monster RV's except to hook up the utilities. That's not my style [yet anyway].

Someone who has a dual purpose tell me, do you notice the fuel/oil smell after you are at the campsite? I'm just curious as to how you mangage that - it seems to be the only potential downside to the multi-purpose haulers.
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