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Originally Posted by Yooper-at-heart
Just ordered the PUIG removable windscreen and gel seat from AF1. I'll post pics and reviews as soon as I get them. I also ordered another puig windshield from a local dealer. If they are the same thing I'll resell one in the package for exact cost if anybody wants it. We'll see.

I actually got to put some miles on it yesterday and like it a lot. The ride did prompt me to order the seat and windshield though which should adress my only issues. I'm gonna like it a lot more when I get it on some twisty back roads.

I want to order the OEM saddle bags eventually. I know there are cheaper options but they look pretty sweet, any reviews yet?

(Ram1000- your set up is sweet but I'm going the lazy and expensive route)
Excellent. You'll like the seat better than the stock one, I'm sure.

Could you put be down as first in line for the windscreen if you choose to sell the duplicate? I saw the Puig on AF1 and, depending on mount options, it looks okay. (I'd like to know in advance if it requires any drilling, etc., but AF1 doesn't give a whole of detail on their descriptions.)

In other Dorso news, mine is at the dealer for the 600mi service. Goodbye 6K rpm break-in period.
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