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Originally Posted by jasonkop
ok, so i just got done with the compression check and it came out about 150psi so it's not too bad. The honda mechainc that did the comp check said he thought the plug was lean but not dangerously lean. I borrowed the autozone compressiom check kit but it didn;t work because it was for big toy plugs.

I also tried taking plates out of the supertrapp. There were 8 and I took it down to 2 and that made it run even worse.

gonna replace the jets when they get here in the mail and then complete Dave's mods if it seems as though I'm on the right track.
I'm gonna throw in my 2 worth at this point ...

I've seen problems in the past on bikes and cars where the ignition/spark would break down once you reached a certain rpm range. Have you tried swapping out the coil and/or CDI yet? ... it also may be something as simple as a faulty plug wire/cap.
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