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There is no tube
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Originally Posted by techforlife
If it ends up being the CDI FX....why don`t you let him borrow it and send me the bad one to fix...if that`s alright with you...then i`ll send it to him when done...or he can keep that one,,and i`ll send the repaired one to you...whichever,i`m not fussy

I haven`t seen a CDI do this yet,usually stalling and no-starts...but a weak solder joint can let less power go to the coil,causing weak spark and missfiring under it is possible...

I`d try a coil and wire first..

at this rate he'll probably end up with the whole thing



no JK
I love these goofy bikes and their "let's go make coffee some place stupid, instead of, a stupid place to buy coffee" mentalities.
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