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Originally Posted by netjustin
You've already checked the plug; some other things to check (in order of easiest to hardest):

-Plug cap and wire end

Check the voltage at the battery, with ignition off but still connected. What do you see?

It's not uncommon for the XT's spark plug wires to corrode at the cap. You can even unscrew the spark plug cap (lefty loosey) and check its resistance with a multimeter. Depending on what you find, you may decide to clean and reterminate a bit back on the plug wire.

From the manual:

If battery, plug, and cap look good the next easiest test is the coil:

well i checked all those things and got9.36 on the plug wire,
3.6 on the coil and 13.28 on the secondary coil. still no spark, how can i tell if the black box went bad, any help is much appreciated
well i checked all th
93 xt600
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