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Originally Posted by moventurer
I got spoiled by centerstands in the past, and would love to add one to a bike of mine.

However, If the stand weighs approx 10lbs, then the swinging portion probably weighs in the neighborhood of 8lbs+. If the spring only applies 18-22.5lbs of holding force, I'm concerned the stand will come down when jumping.

I don't mean this as any sort of criticism, but rather as input in order to be sure the product works as planned. Having the centerstand deploy while in the air doesn't sound like a problem until it happens to you. If the stand becomes fully deployed, as it did a few years ago, when I jumped an old road bike, it can cause serious damage to the engine cases and frame.

In my case, it snapped the centerstand brackets off on one side taking a big chunk of frame with it, seriously damaging the frame. On the other side, the weld of the centerstand bracket broke stabbing the bottom of the engine, and cracking the cases.

Now I don't expect you to design these for hitting the motocross track, anyone doing big jumps can remove the stand before hand... But if it can't handle a drop from at least three or four feet, without deploying, I probably would never be able to leave it on the motorcycle, since I'm always looking for some airtime.

Can someone test and video these prototypes to see how large a drop they can handle?
Since I do not get a lot of air anymore I would not be the one to answer this question. Some of the customers may be able to answer. There are several out there. I would think that if it is really a concern to you and you would still like to have a center stand. I would suggest that a mechanical type retainer be installed so that there is no way for the stand to deploy while getting big air. Geek mentioned that very problem when jumping the 950 with the factory stand. It should not be hard to design something that would be effective.

I was concerned with the stand bouncing while riding through whoops but must admit that I did not give a lot of thought to large jumps. The legs of the stand probably weigh about 6-7 lbs. The weight the spring holds up is half that or less. Half the weight is supported by the pivot bolts. The spring needs to be this heavy due to the mechanical advantage afforded by the angle of the spring in relation to the stand. It would use a much lighter spring if the spring was at a 90 angle to the point of connection on the leg. As the stand rotates downward the spring force is multiplied due to its increasing length. Whether a jump would develop enough force to deploy it all the way is unknown.

The center stand just may not fit your type of riding. Maybe the packable stand sold here in the vendors section would better suit your needs. Center stands are not for everyone. I would never suggest that they are. They are available for those that want them.

Thank you for your thoughts.

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