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Full days of work - Friday -- It's only cold, if you think about it...

Let's try something new this time, shall we? Please press play - enjoy the music by Portishead - Chase the tear - and read on...

The weather forcast for Friday: sunny and high 59s.
Reality: overcast, rain and low 40s.

Why chase the tear? The higher we got up on Mt. Magazine the more tears did I drop.. It was so cold that my heated vest was burning me, instead of heating me -- it could just not keep up.

We took the scenic route from Conway to Mt. Magazine -- cutting through Petit Jean, and beautiful townships such as New Neely, Centerville, Lone Pine, Belleville and finally into Havana, Arkansas.

There was nothing Havana about it. It was freezing cold -- 40s and wind chill. The ride up the mountain was superb! I was truly missing my Sprint. 'though there was plenty of road salt and sand (as always) to add to the excitement.

Once we got to the top I heard something sputtering up the mountain. A glance below and it was a Moto Guzzi with a trailer.. . The gentelman just zoomed by:

Hey, he must be another inmate; Wave... He must've been so cold he could not raise his hands.

Next order of business was to take the obligatory pictures with a sign.

Cold, much? I was so cold that I was shivering..

The scenery alone was worth the cold, and the long trip.

Sorry, I dig it overexposed like this.

We slowly (think fast) made it to the Lodge and got hot cup of coffee, hot chocolate, chease dip, and stuffed mushrooms.. Everything was delicious; and then they brought out the main meal.. fried chicken wraps and delicious soup..

WITH BACON!!! OMG!! Loved it. The food was very reasonably priced. Good wait stuff too.

We spent an hour chit-chatting at the lodge and enjoying the scenery through the huge looking-glass... Ah.. the warmth..

Too bad they jacked the prices so high for a nights stay. A working man could barely afford this place; and besides it is booked months in advance. I am strongly opposed to this -- but the standard is very high at the hotel, and it reflects the price and availability.

Next, we moved on to photo-shootout. I'm still learning, so please excuse me:

I love the side-profile shots. There is something amazing about them.

I have proceeded to take the GS all the way to the ege, but then I noticed this big curb at the bottom of the stairs.. Yeah eff-that.. On the way back........ Sorry grass It was slippery, but the GS triumphantly made it to the top. Thread lightly sometimes. This picture is another one of my favorites. It shows how little we are compared to the rest of the nature.

On the way back we took the Spring Lake Road away from Mt. Magazine.

The rest of the way was pretty uneventful. I did make a wrong turn and we ended up about 10 miles away from Dardanelle. Doh! We wanted to ride up to Mt. Nebo but both of us had things to do at 5...

In Dardanelle we did see two ADV bikes, a TW200 and a Tiger1050.. I honked..

We made it home by 5PM. All was good. All was well.

Thanks for riding with us...
Learn to ride. Ride to learn.
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