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Originally Posted by upweekis
For those who have kick start 600s, what is your cold start ritual?
Mines a little different, its XT550 electrics, and carb on a TT600 engine.
When its cold cycle through a few times, then just crack the throttle, kick HARD! it will burp once, repeat, It typically will be running by the third HARD kick when not to cold out.
When its below freezing outside. All bets are off. Just let me find a hill and push it.

Once warm its a one kick running ordeal, with the occasional WTF it didn't start then it can be coerced into running with a HARD KICK and WOT.
All is happy again.

I should put the TT600 carb on it. the 550 carb is jetted a bit lean. I actually cleaned up the 600 carb but decided to go riding instead of changing it.
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