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Ride Report with out pictures.

Finally broke 50 degrees here. Went for a 150 mile ride. Doin' my usual slabbin' through the city to get back home at about 60 mph on the freeway. Look in the buzzy Acerbis rear wiew and a cop is there. F##k. Slow down to posted speed limit and just watch the dude. All the sudden the disco lights come on. Pull over. I ask "how fast was I going?" and he says, "I didn't pull you over for speeding. You weren't using your turn signals." I say, well, you are correct. I take full responsibility. (as 3 crotch rockets go flying by). I show my proof of insurance and get a tounge lashing, but the copper lets me go with a warning!

These things are dangerous!

Then I ran out of gas on reserve. 151 miles? I know where a fuel station up the road is, so I tilt the XT to the left and hope there was enough fuel left to get me 1/2 mile up the road. What do you know, It starts up and I made it to the gas station!

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