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Originally Posted by Ruffus
I'm just sitting in the back row watching carefully
One thought I had about someone using your stand & wanting to do big air.
Just use a Zip Tie, if you need the center stand, a quick snip & you're back in business
For most off road riding, a side stand is preferable, for dualsport, a center stand can make life so much easier

P.S. Mike, didja notice what kinda bike I ride??? hint hint
I was thinking something like the hook and loop strap (not Velcro) I include with with the stand that is used to set the front brake.( It is not needed for normal use of the stand but helps when doing heavy wrenching on the bike. Like if your back up wrench slipped while trying to torque the rear axle.) It has a amazingly strong grip and I think it would hold up the stand very well. The same strap could do double duty.

I always figured that the people that would want a center stand on there bike would want it for longer rides or dual sport/adventure type rides. On a single track machine I drop the bike enough that laying it on its side is not a big thing to fix a flat. In the old days I would not even remove the wheel. I would break the beads and then pull the bead on one side. Then remove the tube and find the leak and patch. I never carried a spare tube in those days. But I had two rim locks on the rear and a six ply tire. I could ride it flat back to the truck if need be. Later on I found out that I could prop another bike into the frame of my bike rocking it up on the side stand and pull the wheel if need be. And since I have never ridden alone, that is always an option. I was a lot younger then and could fix a flat in about 15 minutes. Today if I can do it under an hour with the center stand, I am happy.

Most models go on and off easy enough that it would not be much trouble to take it off when the ride dictated it.

Yes, I noticed. Throw it on it's side. No one has ever mentioned wanting one for that model before. But all things are possible for those that believe.

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