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Originally Posted by jfurf
I just wonder why they decided to develop their own engine. That just seems crazy to me. Why not find someone willing to supply you with crate motors? Like Rotax or Suzuki?

That frees you up to focus on the things sport-touring buyers say they want... like a lighter chassis and touring-friendly accessories. I've never heard anyone say they can't find a sport-tourer with enough power nowadays.

They could do for sport-touring bikes what Bimota does for sportbikes. Lighten them up, use exotic materials, radical new looks, etc.
Originally Posted by ferrix
I don't know but here are some possibilities that spring to mind:

- Suzuki and other major players were not willing to provide them with engines.

- Rotax could not provide them with engine to the spec they wanted, or if Rotax were to develop one, the deal was no better than what was offered by Katech.

- they felt that getting their engines from someone like Suzuki or Rotax would make them a 'me too' player rather than a provider of an innovative and highly distinctive solution - an important consideration given the price point they seek for their product.

- they wanted to trade on 'all American' sentiment and felt that using Suzuki or Rotax engines would compromise them just a bit too much in this respect.

- maybe they just have some sort of prior connection to Katech?

Maybe they saw the writing on the wall for Buell a few years ago?
Cool concept, I hope they are sucessful.
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