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Originally Posted by Kradmelder
This thing looks dead on arrival to me!
Who in his right mind really wants to buy the american version of a Honda ST1300 but with a pushrod Chevy Smallblock cut in half and chaindrive???
Especially in todays economic climate/reality those automotive supply boys from Katech will be in for a surprise...
Nothing against making some shit at home again but this is just ridicolous!
A heavy tourer with chaindrive...L.O.L.
What exactly is wrong with a chain final drive? Particularly with a SSSA adjustments take all of 3 minutes...literally.....and I can (and have) changed sprockets and chain in a parking lot if I need to, with the bike on its side stand. Look at that Triumph and Ducati SSSA set, if you notice that the sprocket is outside the cush-drive. You undo the bolts and the rear sprocket falls off the hub. Add to the fact that with a decent X-ring chain and a LITTLE cleaning every so often that chain drive is going to be good for upwards of 25,000 miles or more.

Now blow a seal on a shaft drive, and try to fix that. Because you know, that would never happen.

If they are trying to build a bike that I can get parts for at a Napa or Autozone, they are building a winner there.
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