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Thumb The Pine Sol Degreaser Thread

Pine Sol as a degreaser?

Yep, that's what I said.

I found this great little trick from "Frank" at the DOHC Custom Forums.

He recommended that I use Pine Sol as a 1-3 day soak for the bank of carbs of my 1983 CB1000 Custom.

The goal of the soak was to clean the carbs as a bank with most of their internal parts removed (jets, floats, ect) because seperating the 4 carbs is a pain.

And it's just plain easier to do a soak than to disassemble the bank.

The Pine Sol won't damage rubber/soft parts, is easily washed away and is environmentally friendly.

When you're done your parts will smell fresh too -

So I bought 3 big bottles of Pine Sol (not the generic stuff) and a plastic box big enough to hold the carb bank. You can scale this up or down as needed -

Then I emptied the 3 bottles of Pine SOl into the box and added 1 1/2 bottles of water (this topped the carbs, completely submerging them).

Though you can't see it very well, the stripped carb bank is really nasty between the carbs in this pic -

The I sat them into the vat -

Soaking -

I let them soak overnight and then rinsed the bank off with high pressure water- they looked like new -

A few closeups -

I also soaked the bowls, slides and caps -

I have also used the "vat" to clean many other parts. With it's small size I just move the vat & the small parts up to the sink and then can easily wash the Pine Sol off the parts with warm soapy water (Dawn dish washing soap works best- without the hand lotion).

I do suggest that if you are going to work in the vat with your hands (scrubbing deep grime with a tooth brush for example) that you wear protective gloves as the Pine Sol will strip your skin of all oil, really drying your hands out.

Also, best to keep the vat outside unless you want the house to be overwhelmed by the pine odor.
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