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Originally Posted by WOXOF
Hopefully you can find a good used engine with knowledge of its history.
Well good news is that I've found a known donor motor to put in my bike The friend I've been staying with, Shridhar, has an 03 DR that he's not riding much, uses his V-Strom more and ask agreed to let me take the motor for a moderate price. Either I find another engine for him down the line or he's ready to sell his bike minus the motor.

And I'm in good hands, staying with rider friend of his who's helping me out by driving me around and letting me use his fully equipped garage to do the transplant. He's also throwing a party in my honor this weekend as a trip send off / break-down mourning Very interesting couple: intellectuals, veteran, artist. As they say, when one door closes, another opens.

And I guess this is what I really envisioned this trip to be about: meeting interesting people and sharing stories. I hoped it would already be happening south of the border, but hey, what's a week or two in the span of 2 years and I knew I really wouldn't have any control of how this trip pans out. Am glad my plans are pretty flexible to absorb situations like this.

This is just a hiccup, one of many in the next few years ahead but looks like I'm eating into my maintenance budget rather quickly

I'm still going to make it to Africa one way or the other
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