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Originally Posted by F.P.
I recommend a visit to the nearest BMW dealer....ha.
Sorry for the bad news....maybe hit Craigslist and get a whole different bike? I frequently see DRs and KLRs with low mileage for not much more than you will spend fixing the un-Jammin Jay proof DR boat anchor you now own.
Keep fighting on brother.
Haha, I knew you'd chime in with that comment I'm not ready to throw in the towel on the DR and never will be if the issues are something of my doing. If the design was inherently poor I wouldn't have chosen the DR in the first place, but the design is robust and if treated properly, very reliable. This is still a great bike for a trip like this and I hope to show the DR in a good light once I get rolling again.

I did consider buying another bike, but I've spent way too many hours setting up the electrics just the way I wanted on this chassis plus the suspension that's on there now and it would take much longer to do than to swap in a different motor. I've taken my DR motor out of and put it back in the frame. Shouldn't be much work once I get my hands on the donor motor - wont happen till Monday. And I'll do a shake down ride to make sure everything is set right and have the mechanics at Werkstatt look it over before setting off again.

Originally Posted by Mfed
I have a cylinder head, cam (no sprocket), piston and pin if you need them. Some other parts laying around as well - no cam chain tho. I'm in SF proper - PM me if you think any of this stuff may be of use to you.

EDIT: Just saw you phone # in another post. Too late to call you right now, but I PM'd you my #.
Thanks for the offer, but yeah, Ive got access to a used known motor to swap in.
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