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Ride Report March 19th 2010

The Dizzer (DRZ Charlie) and myself decided we'd hit the road Friday since it was so warm out. We planned to meet up in Huntsville at 9am so I was on the road at 7:45 and had a nice Sun rise to start off the day as I headed for I 540 and South.

It was pretty brisk out still and the Rē was feeling pretty frisky too, by the time I entered the interstate I looked down so see 75mph and joined in the morning commute with no problem. Staking out my 10 foot space and looking out for any kamikaze's that might be looking to take up my 10 feet at the same time I was in it...a few miles down the road I take my exit and gladly headed down 412 toward Huntsville.
Even beat the Dizzer to the Shell station, our meeting place.

We both had our morning cup and and were soon off, anxious for what the day had in store for us as we had a 275 mile route planned and it would take all day.

It was dusty and traction was hard to find today but great riding boy was it nice to have the Sun shinning for a change.

Mid morning we stopped for a break and noted an old School house near by. I know this has been posted before but others but wanted to show everyone this neat old building again. I managed to get across the small creek that ran along in front of it and then found this as I neared the building.

I look down and sure enough......... a marker...1935

Cool old school, the blackboard is still up on the wall too.

When I get back to the bikes Charlie is taking a few layers off as it was warming up pretty good by now.

So we saddle up and head for Oark to do lunch.

Then onward we go. I had told Charlie that we had a "double dipper" water crossing coming up this afternoon and also one of the most beautiful roads in all of Arkansas to navigate. But before we get to that we had some other nice vistas too. Our friends at the forest service were doing some controlled burns today but the smoke wasn't too bad thankfully.

So we come to the "double dipper" water crossing. We plan to make a run for the little island and then jump off that and try to make to the road on the other side..........what a plan...

Charlie decides to check and see how deep it is first..........
Or maybe it was "Well Pilgrim......I can PEE farther than most streams are wide.......

I take the plunge first and the plan is a good one, I make it across dismount and take a picture of Charlie getting ready to make his try.

About the time Charlie is getting ready along comes a 4-wheeler with a guy and gal on it and they come across first. I decide to get a little video....notice Charlie is already make'n tracks to the "island" while we wait for this darn 4-wheeler to get gone.....

So we all make it just fine and are having a great time. We head on to what I call the "Beautiful Road" here are some shots of it.

Notice the water dripping down right in front of Charlie

By the way Charlie says hi........seems he has been "away" for a while

More shots along this road

OK, we're outta here and head to Parthenon....

Where we even had cell service....better check in.

After that we rode for another couple of hours and ended up getting ourselves good and tired.

We run up on this old house and Charlie stops, says that is an old "Craftsman House" sold by Sears and each had it's own number etc.

Very interesting. Saw a documentary on TV just last week about old man Sears. He was way ahead of his time, Henry Ford even came to look at his Chicago factory prior to starting the first ever "assembly line" for manufacturing.

So when we hit 412 again we split and each headed for home. In all a great day....

Our route.......

I know Charlie has some more pictures and will properly "defend" himself soon (in five days)

That is gents..till next time.
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