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Originally Posted by Coho911
I completely agree with the Gillette hate. They are over priced pieces of JUNK. blade edge goes off after like 3 shaves & they charge $4.00 a blade. VERY poor product. (like selling AXE as a cologne ! HAHA - YEAH RIGHT !)

Here's my current razor & it's 5 times the razor Gillettes are:

Schick Quattro.

Still a SIMPLE design (designed to SHAVE - NOT vibrate, or self lube, or tell you when you need to change a blade, etc. etc. etc.)

Yes it does have 4 blades - BUT it DOES shave SUPER close in ONE pass & they last a couple weeks per blade AND cost about $1.80 a blade.

*** So good in fact - the Girlfriend passes on the brand new 'Super Gillette' in the drawer and goes for my Schick everytime.

I gotta go +1 on this. Used a Mach 3 for years and thought it was alright. Got a Quattro for free at the Winter X games a year or so ago. Found it in with some other stuff while moving recently and decided to give it a try. This thing blows away the Mach 3. Of course I have a big pile of Mach 3 blades that I got in a jumbo pack at Costco... Convinced myself not to buy any more Quattro blades until I use all the ones I have for the Mach 3.
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