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C'mon Guys!
Why not take part in Africa Race?
It's a traditional rally, in Africa, riding to Dakar, across Mauritania.
It's a FIM rally and not a voyage, like the Legend, (nothing bad about it, naturally)
What are you seraching for?
It's better to have pleasure riding across the Sahara than have a plesaure riding across ... 500.000 fans. Believe me, the "must" for a Rally Raid it's to be alone in the desert, without some family in holidays giving you a Coke bottle to refresh yourself!!!
Surely, if there's so limited bike number it will not so amazing, but... if all the guys, around the world, still wait to see "what are doing others?" nobody sign for it!
Metge and Auriol (the African still be in the organization...) know his job, aren't you sure?

Where are the guys who was crazy for a rally to Dakar?
Crazy for a rally to Dakar or for the Dakar rally?

Won't you reach THE PINK LAKE?
I was crying when I reach it!!!
Amazing, absolutely amazing ( Ian Gillan words...on stage )

Long Life Africa Race.
Long Life African Rally.

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