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Originally Posted by Coho911
The grease pencil is a good idea, but I figured the Sharpie or the ball point will do alot of what the grease pencil would. Maybe replace the taperoll pencil with a grease one cut down.

Yeah it seems alot - but it's either in my truck, in my worktruck hung up behind my seat, or on my back/bike. I used to think it was a ton, but its very light, keeps the extra little things out of my pockets & carries all the other daily things I have always.

I know people who laugh but then I point out their heavier briefcases or courier bags. lol !
I hear you. I don't use the cuttables.. you can get like a twelve pack of mechanical Listo's and an extra pack of leads for like $10 from the factory. They're about $5 ea at any given store near you. Anyway.

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