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Originally Posted by Xeraux
The thing that makes that site like porn for me is how everything fits together. The Eagle Creek two sided cube and half cube look like they're made for that space in that pack.

That guy spent a lot of time figuring out exactly what and how it would fit. If he's anything like me, there's stuff he really wants/needs to take, but he couldn't make it fit perfectly, so it's not in there and he's waiting to run across the right item that will.

I almost impulsively buy Eagle Creek cubes, half cubes, small sacks, etc.

This weekend, I ran across an outfitter who had a whole box of that Eagle Creek Pack-It stuff that was 50% off. I think I bought a third of the box.
ugh. I am the same, but I am hindered by being of a slight KLR mentality at times.

Originally Posted by Coho911
For a small kit you don't need it, anything that will burn will cook your food & water. Wood, rubber (piece of a tire), paper rolled up tight (burns nice and slow), oils, clothes, rags, anything really.
true, well put
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