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Originally Posted by sanjoh
It began with a search for MY perfect dualsport bike. Having bought and sold 10 or so bikes in the last year, none of them fit my idea of the perfect dualsport.

My goals for this project:
<350lbs wet
fuel injected
6 speed
Plenty of travel
200mi range
Slanted toward dirt
Minimum of 2 cylinders

Several others have used the Ninja 650r as a basis for their dualsport creations. After a bit of research I figured it may just fit my needs. And so it began.

Thanks to the folks that have provided information and motivation to get this going.

A different kind of Versys - tonymorr
Kawasaki ER-6C, that's C as in Custom - jdrocks
The KaTaMaki 650 ADV project (KTM LC4 gets a twin engine swap) - LukasM

As of 3-21-10

sanjoh - this is just badass looking, mate. I am right there with you
regarding the 650R's multi-functional potential. I would love to find
a converted unit for sale.

Keep us posted!
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