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Solo ride into Missery

Well, I was invited by RipperFox to join him and the other Okies for Pannell Rd. and Lee Creek today but wimped out. I hurt my wrist in a tree cutting accident about a week ago, it's much better but not good enough to ride that type of terrain for sustained periods.

So, I was sitting here bored, feeling sorry for myself and decided to take a nice slow, calm ride (mostly) into Missouri. So I headed West on Arkansas 62 and started tracking with the GPS at Busch.

Oh, and my Son (17) informed his Mother that he was going to bring his girlfriend to our house for dinner for the first time. Of course my wife wigged out hearing htis and asked me to be home around 5 ish. So, being the kinda guy I am (stfu) I stayed relatively close to home and got back around 3:30 pm.

I've done most of this loop before but took off down a couple of new roads today and they were a blast.

There was a bit of really twisty and fast tarmac on a road that runs parallel and is sandwiched between Arkansas 62 and Missouri 90. It was just a blast! Fast, twisty and no cops. I've labeled that bit of road in my track map below. It is suitable for big bikes and would be an absolute blast on a sport bike.

Saw some old structures along the way

And had some nice scenery along the way and in fact, it was quite Mooooo ving!

I made a big loop and ended up in Mark Twain State Forest and then to Roaring River State Park

My Route

My trip totals

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