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Safetyfifth and I met up in Drasco this morning with hopes of a little warmer temps and a good ride. Well we got some of both but not quite what I was hoping for ride wise. We left out after Aaron warmed up a bit took Hwy 5 north then a gravels tie road over to Hwy 14. Before you make it to Mountain View you hang a left up Iron Mountain Road. It's a nice rocky climb that has you on the pegs quite a bit and the mud wasn't bad at all this year. We stopped about a third of the way up to air down our tires and made it to the old fire tower fairly quick.

That's when the problem set in. My KLR would barely crank over and we had to push start it. I decided to run the rest of the ridge back to Hwy 5 and do a check on the battery terminals to see if the neg had worked loose. It's done it before a couple of times but it acted different this time trying to start it. After stopping for a check we called it off for fear of really get in a tight spot later today. We made it back to Wolf Bayou and split off for home.

So into the shop the rest of the day checking stator, battery, rectifier and connections. I got the battery on the charger right now to get a full charge if possible. It would only register 12.1 after the 50 mile ride home from where we split off and the charge voltage when running was 13.2 at 4000 rpm...That's not right, somethings amiss. I checked my meter on the Wee and it would hit 14.4 just off idle.

150 miles for the day for me. Here's the pics I did take.

Coming into the hills off the delta. It started out promising.

White river at Oil Trough, a bit high.

Safetyfifth warming up.

On the tie road.

At the tower.

Last shot of the day.

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