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total restoration and upgrade on R1100 GS X-lace tubeless wheels

Originally Posted by Choicecut

I have a stock set of 95 R1100GS wheels that I would like to have woodified? and had some questions and would also like to get some pricing.

I read somewhere that when you rebuild the GS wheels you replace the spokes with some beefed up stainless ones, but for the life of me I can't find it again, could you give me some info on them? they are talking about the super heavy duty 8g ss spokes & nipple kits we have made circa $160/kit we have to redrill and countersink your rim $60 ea and the X-lace n true is $150,,add to that the time it takes to unlace and prep circa $30 if it's easy you and your rusted chrome spokes are imbedded in the rim takes closer to $90 to undo and prep,,[sometimes it takes even longer but we'll either scrap the rim or limit it to $90

What I would like done to my rims is basically a good once over, I don't think there are any serious issues with them. What kind of money are we talking to get the wheels looking like new again, powder coated outer rims (black),circa $75 ea powder coated hubs (black)circa $100 to media blast and powdercoat plus $20 to R&R front bearings ,,,,,we can do a nice job prepping/primer and paint the hubs for circa $50-60 each insteadand new spokes (stainless or whatever)?if you are not going across Siberia with real heavy loads then the newer oem ss spokes and upgraded powderoated nipples for $200 with new grubscrews work just fine..OBTW we have really good reconditioned /polished take offs that will save ya some $$$

Do I ship them without the brake rotors?if you send with we'll recondition those too so it all looks perfect again $60/pr

are there any special things to do when shipping the rims? What do you recommend for packaging to get them out to you?YES pack them in tight fitting individual boxes and throw some extar cardborad on the sides to protect the discs as wll as extar on the flat sides to protect lips of rim,,actuall sending with tires on is the ultimate protection,,we can do the R&R and balance too

I would like to get these out to you within the next week, what kind of turnaround am I looking at?about a week -10 days

Lot of questions there, so a preemptive thanks for answering!
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