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Eek Rim Leak thru spokes R1150GS

Originally Posted by Tjakura
Hey Woody thanks for the response. It is leaking on the outer rim diameter from under the head of the spokes, this is happening on at least 5 spoke heads. I spray detergent and bubbling shows air coming from the spoke heads and not the bead edge. I took photos but after 3 hrs of resizing and reformating pictures (using a mac so recommended pc upload sites of no use) I have run out of steam.
Woody thanks for the offer to send it in but not an option for me from regional Australia. Considering fixing thr issue in the short term by fitting a tube, but have received some feedback that the 2000 model GS1150 (non adventurer) is not set up to take a tube, rim design not suitable and would be extremely unsafe to ride.

What do you think about fitting a tube to this rim, Do you agree? and if there is what ? is the difference between adventurer rim and a standard 1150GS
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