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Originally Posted by PirateJohn
I would be interested in seeing what sort of reaction you got from the Mexican authorities if you tried to take your truck Southbound. Back in the 80's they used to question motorcyclists that wore military-style boots although they have lightened up considerable since then ... at least around here.
From what I've read on Steel Soldiers (great resource for anyone interested in these vehicles), there seem to be a lot of people that have taken their trucks down into Mexico, and up into Canada, without any problems. I've had some gnarly experiences down there in our other trucks though, and I'm not trying to make myself a target. My adventures south of the border will probably be limited to traveling to/from a property where I might set up camp for a while. If I was planning on anything much beyond that, I'd probably be inclined to just buy another truck. Something more disposable. Buy an old beater off craigslist for a few thousand dollars, throw a camper on it, and call it done.
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