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Originally Posted by mutineer
the radio goes in a pocket, the flashlight goes in a pocket, the red light (an LED bike light) stays on the bag and flashes like a bike light to keep cars from running over me and the watch goes on my wrist

mini mag wid LED thingy, Zippo with a leakproof bottle of fluid, carmex, zippo, clippers, spare folding knife, bic, compass, ball compass pinned to bag, clip on LED flashlight, the red flashing light and a safety whistle

leatherman wave, a special purpose key and a pen

flap pocket has the proper knife and another bic

power bars, clif bars, thumb drive with personal data, a couple of those stacker 5 hour energy things and a little means of coping from Mr. Walker

Big middle pocket, spare batteries for elec stuff, sunscreen (the skin grafts burn badly and they burn quickly), another bic, rolaids, zip ties, super glue, a few packs of hot hands, a buff, a fleece hunting hat, a buff, toothbrush with some loose OTC meds, another flashlight, a box of 50 rounds, army style poncho and a space blanket

holster pocket
well, seems sort of obvious I guess
Top pocket has the GPS in it

side pocket has a water bottle with a filter in it. Initial fill will come from some bottles in the car. Filter is for filling it on the fly until I get home. A 20 (it will be longer if I am taking surface roads, maybe 25-30 miles) could be a two walk so filtering river water may be needed.

truth be told the chances of needing this shit is next to zero, but I have been carrying around some version of it for over 20 years now. Carry a lot more shit when I had a truck, especially when I lived out west.
(waterproofed) paper map
spare batteries for torch flashlight and gps
TP / wet wipes
first aid kit / moleskin for feetses
half a dozen lighters but no tinder?

actually most of that shit is in your photos

but you will run out of whiskey within 500 yards

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