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Originally Posted by AngryScot
So what is a good mini first kit contain, yes I can google. But that would be no fun as I doubt a flight size whiskey bottle is on most lists

Was think of just a few pain killers and some gauze, along with a few individual packets of sterile wipes, antibiotic cream and a few single use eye drops? Need to get some latex gloves I guess, might be handy if I am helping someone I don't know. Or weeding through a recently killed zombie to see if they have anything useful on them
Goonie is talking about the football sized thing I had done up for the trip to Himalayas (the one the crash kept me from getting to go on)

it is huge and is close to being a trauma kit as well as a medicine cabinet

I have a small one that keep in the car

a pre-packaged 10 dollar special seems more than enough for a hike home

the one I keep on my bike is a 10 dollar special as well (fits under my seat)
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