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Semper Fi
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ive seen a couple of things that kicked my memory since my last post.

#1 my rule is 2 WHEELS, 2 BEERS. thats it.....

also watch the guy ahead of you if there is one, but keep your eyes on the road/trail. pick your own line and try them, just keep an eye out for clues; like hes slowing down , hes cutting in for a corner etc. he has even more forward site than you do, just dont follow his line because he rode it, use your advance knowledge, be using his indicators(like slowing or moving over) as a pre vision of whats coming, but ride what you can see, i dont think you can look far enough ahead, so if somebody is ahead of you use their reaction to whats coming around the bend, to GUIDE you , not LEAD you where you are going
"The Marines i have seen around the world have:
the cleanest bodies, the filthyest minds,
the highest morale, and the lowest morals of any group of animals i have ever seen.
Thank god for the United States Marine Corps." eleanor roosevelt, 1945
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