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Semper Fi
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oh yea,

NOBODY can see you, thats what they say anyhow, flash that brake light as much as you can before you have to slow down or stop. WATCH all the vehicles around you when your on the hardball, and the trees when your on the dirt, they really sneak up on you. i got in a head on collision with a car my second year riding, kid came the wrong way out of a blind one way and hit me at a combined 45. i was fine(due to having my helmet etc, on and having a backpack full of laundry from the laundrymat, i almost ripped him out of the car and broke him in half, but alas, he was 15 with 3 girls in the car, ive been there. never hit a bike, but i sure could have. NOBODY is thinking about a bike coming at them or around them, there busy with all the crap cages have standard now. just pay attention, and most of all

HAVE FUN(and stay on the back roads as much as possible)
"The Marines i have seen around the world have:
the cleanest bodies, the filthyest minds,
the highest morale, and the lowest morals of any group of animals i have ever seen.
Thank god for the United States Marine Corps." eleanor roosevelt, 1945
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