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Originally Posted by DRZ Charlie
Hey Terrascout did you hook up with the Okies?
Yep. Sure did. I almost missed out as I got impatient and left Natural Dam about noon time and headed up Pannell Road on my own. Once I was above the little rock step area on Pannell I played with some muddy rocks and the dizzer went down. Had to mess with the clutch safety to get it to turn over again. While this is going on I get a call from RipperFox. They head up from Natural Dam and I head down. Meet them on the road just above the creek crossing where JD took photos during our ride. Road back up Pannell the on to Lee Creek area some where to some marked trails. Road down to a nice deep water crossing 2 DRZs across fine, one DR 350 across, one xr 650 coughs stalls and gets all wet. Wish I had a camera as ReddirtJoe had a great JDS3 (JD SOAKED SOCK SYNDROME) moment and was dumping water out of his water resistant boots. Had lots of great riding back in the woods. There were a couple large mud puddle instances we just could keep the Dizzers out of. Again the XR650 coughed severely at the sight of water. Last deep water crossing the xr takes a nap out in the middle of deep water Reddirt Joe and I find other means across the water.
Ripper has determined there must be something wrong as the xr is negetively reacting to any signs of mosture. We talk about eletrical gremlins then ride on. We get back to gravel and head south west reddirtjoe and I are bring up the rear. When we get to the top of Pannell road we can not tell which way our fearless leader has gone so we wait at the intersect. The rain starts, then the hail. Once this lets up and we have spent some time visiting with a fellow rider out on his KLR we decide to head down toward 220 as the KLR was heading down Pannell.

We get back to Natural Dam and there is one rider sunning himself trying to dry out. He informs us that Ripper has head up Pannell to see if we were lost or had trouble coming down that way. Well Ripper comes back some time later informs us that there is a KLR with a flat front up on our favorite road. He loads me up with supplies to help a fellow rider out on my way home. While the dry out before heading toward OK. Well our KLR friend had better cell reception than me and had contacted a friend in Cedarville so instead of continuing up Pannell rd for the third time I ran Rippers supplies back down to Natural Dam before they left. Then found another route home. It was an enjoyable adventure though my body was complaining a bit today about it. Ripper found his short repaired it and they were back out there playing today. If they had any more JDS3 incidences they were to send me pictures.
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