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OK, so far from perfect and it needs some rearranging based on actual usage to see what works best and where it should be etc.

What I was trying to do is come up with a bag that could double as an air travel bag and a EDC bag. Obviously most of the stuff comes out when it is the air bag

So after searching a few places and reading a few reviews I found maxexpedition and a local police supplier that stocked them.

The versi packs are cool but I wanted something that would also hold my laptop or DSR etc when it was not being used as a EDC bag.

The sling design was great, not as comfortable for the long haul as a backpack design but for everyday usage it is much nicer.

Ready for some crappy images

Here is the malaga bag:
Front with a small additional gear pouch attached via the molle straps on front.




The strap can be done either right or left sling by moving the clip and the extra support strap.

OK lets go into some more detail, lets start at the back. This back was designed for CCW which I do not have, so it is a cool little pouch with velcro to accept all sorts of pistol mounts/holsters whatever you gunslingers call them:

Not sure what the big D-ring is for, but the other item worth mentioning is the foam is perforated so you don't get too hot with all the contact space on your back as you carry it. There is also a velcro belt loop for when you don't want it to move around.

While we are at the back, might as well do the strap details.
The main strap has 2 slide in compartments a few d-loops and even a whistle built into one of the strap clips.

This small buck knife with bottle opener clip fits in snug

The other side has a extra belt/loop key clip I added and holds a larger whistle.

interesting thing to note, is the top strap carrier handle is very handy but is not designed to hold the full load of the bag .

OK, lets go to the left side
glasses holder case and knife pouch that holds my leatherman

You will also see a grim lock on one of the molle straps. They are plastic, and all military spec something or other, but allow for a secure but not human load holding clip. The more clips and attach points the cooler it is right?

OK, the right side now:
This side holds a mini rollepoly which is a small roll up bag to hold my water bottle, the side compression strap acts to hold it in place as I do not have any molle straps yet as I may not need them. The flexibility is kind of nice here.
It will also hold a reg 1 liter camp bottle

rolled up and out of the way, this would also be a good bag for collecting tinder or stuff as needed. the water bottle I have currently has a clip point so it could be hung from a different clip if needed. Still thinking about a stainless steel bottle so I could heat water up in it if needed. We shall see. I don't want to go over board right

so where are we? Oh yeah the front is next!!!!
This will need its own post, so more to come!
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