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  1. Look where you want to go...not where where you want to avoid. This applies to just about everything in life but that is another thead
  2. If you can't see them, they can't see you....look at the mirror of those infront of you. Play the "I know where you are going to go before you do" game every time you tide with the cans.
  3. Learn to trust the counter bikes and in life. Just like you learn to lean down hill to better controll your skis, learn to trust your throttle and your rubber. Or in other words...when in doubt, gas it!
  4. The tire under your ass will save your ass
  5. You have $1.00 worth of attention (thanks Mr. Code I believe) Learn to spend it wisely
  6. If you road ride, get track time...regardless of your bike
  7. The limiting factor is between your ears
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