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I'm need to replace my 3.5 year old Yuasa AGM. I'm not sure why it is failing to hold a charge, but it is. I did the resistance and voltage checks to ensure the regulator is fine, then swapped out the battery with the Deka in my other bike and proved it's the battery just going flat.

So I thought I'd share the best Battery Deals I could find this morning:

Deka ETX15L: Best price (delivered) at: Battery Specialists $49.95 plus shipping. $60.37 delivered to me.

Also available from Tri-state Battery for 66.95 with free shipping:

I ALMOST pulled the trigger on an Odessy PC545: Todays price $100, or $117 for the military spec Metal Jacketed version PC545MJ (plus shipping).

Of note: Murphs Kits sells the Motobatt MBTX14AU AGM battery for $67 delivered.

The Murphs battery looks interesting, it has 4 terminals, 2(+) and 2(-).

I chose the Deka as I have one already in my other bike and I like the terminals, and the way it fits in the bike.

Also: the Oddessy PC310 could be an option for us, I chose not to try it just yet, but this battery is much smaller and more importantly, 1/2 the weight at ony 5.5 lbs
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