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Originally Posted by CA Stu
You've got other problems, I reckon.

I live in Riverside, it gets over 100 regularly all Summer long, I've ridden lots and lots of miles in the heat, I run a 14t sprocket, too, and every time my battery has needed replacing, it has been from sitting in my garage at home.

I'm sorry, but it's a total non-issue.

Rode to Baja a couple of times in the heat, Utah half a dozen times in the hotter heat, and a couple of times to Mammoth, once in the hottest heat of all hotness through Death Valley, never a battery problem.

CA Stu
To each their own. I'm just not push starting mine in sugar sand in a part of this state with no hills. But I'm sure with maintenance and a careful eye the stock would work just fine. Honestly, I think the 2 years of sitting and no starts (previous owner) killed my stocker so I just upgraded what was already not working when I bought the new one.
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