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I don't own a 4RT but my bro. in law does. I ride it more than he does - thanks Jamie. Only real trials bike I've ever ridden so I don't know what the others are like but I think the 4RT is great fun. I had it out in some of winter snow that we had a bunch of this past winter - too much fun - like powered skiing.

Just to contribute something - both Jamie and I are 6'-1" or so and felt too hunched over while riding. I got a set of "trials high" bend bars but these didn't make a big difference. Then I saw a set of offset bar risers (like the Rox ones) and put a set on the bike. With the angled bar mounts that the bike has these risers are just the ticket. They raise the bars and push them forward which feels much better to us. We now stand more comfortably upright and I find even 30 minute stints on the bike to be 52 year old back friendly.


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