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I am very close to making the decision to buy the Cartografica E32 map. There are a couple of things that are holding me back.

First I am a Macintosh user. The website says that the E32 map is Macintosh compatible, anyone tried this map who is a Macintosh user?

Second, I currently own a newly locked, formerly unlocked copy of BiCiMapas Mexico GPS Atlas v3.2 upgraded to v3.8. Garmin changed their unlock code system to eliminate hackers. This has caused big problems for those of us who have the BiCiMapas Mexico GPS Atlas. Upgrading Garmin Map Install to a later version than 2.1.1 will cause the map to lock. In addition, upgrading Base Camp for Mac to the latest version 3.0.1 will cause the map to lock. What has Cartografica done to overcome the Garmin lock problem?

Third, I've seen some screen shots of the Cartografica E32 map that display the area from Tecate east to Rumorosa BC Mexico and south to below Rancho El Compadre on the El Compadre road. When I compare this screen shot to the same view using the BiCiMapas Mexico Atlas, there are clearly many more ranches identified on the Mexico Atlas map. The E32 map clearly has far more roads and topographical detail displayed, however. The names of the ranches are very important for navigation. I do not know the version of the E32 map that I saw, it could be old and all of the ranches are now listed on the latest map. The Mexico Atlas was version 3.8.

Fourth, there does not seem to be any retail outlets in the USA for the E32 map. I'm in San Diego, CA and dealing with a Mexican retailer is not a big deal to me, but it would be nice to buy the product in the United States.

Fifth, I could just upgrade the BiCiMapas Mexico map, but they do not support Macintosh. I would have to buy the PC version, ask someone with a PC to load Map Convert, download the map to their PC, convert the map to the Macintosh compatible format, load it to my Macintosh, do this each time I want to upgrade the map program and hope that their PC map will continue to work as Garmin fights off the hackers who caused this problem to begin with. And, other than the issues that I listed above, I think the E32 map is a superior product that comes in a Macintosh compatible format.

Can anyone offer suggestions on what to do? Could someone post a screen shot from the latest version of E32 of the area that I described above, so I could compare with my version of BiCiMapas? Thanks for any help on this perplexing dilemma.
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