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I have ordered the full set of engine guards from Perry,, hopefully they will arrive this coming week. Have a tube of silicone waiting for them :)
Never thought about Bark Busters, thank you for mentioning them. Did not know about the issues with the tail light....... I thought that most people were doing the change just for aesthetics.
I have gone out to the garage and weighted the Pelicans Storm IM2600 with the racks attached to them they came to 12.2Kg, I am going to guess here.... the hardware parts that stay in the bike are probably another 1Kg? 1.5Kg?
I also got the liner bags, Givi T468, 800g each

So, the total added weight should be 12.2Kg +1.5Kg=13.7Kg (30.2lb)
If you were to add the Liner bags it will total 15.3Kg (33.7lb)

The way I see it, it is not fare to compare hard luggage to soft ones they are just in two different categories.

Just for the record, I weight around 210lb and the bike has a 8.1Kg Eibach
spring in the back and 0.5kg fork springs with a 2 1/2" spacers.

Originally Posted by Adv Grifter
Not everything.
I would not go off road without Bark Busters and AMP case guards. I punched a hole in left side case in just a minor tip over. Without Bark Busters you can easily break levers and even the brake master cylinder in a crash.
Next: Stock tail light will quickly separate and fill with water. Best get the DR250 tail light. It lays flat, more protected, no leaks or separations.

Just curious, have you weighed all the hard ware, Pelicans, racks and such?
Total weight?

My GIVI E41 hard bag set up with mounting racks and all nuts and bolts weighed in at about 35 lbs. (16 kgs.) My soft bag set up weighs just 8 lbs. (3.6 kgs.) (including racks and hardware)
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