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the microphone is really sensitive... visor open = annoying wind noise... but no distortion or tunnel or echo sounds otherwise... its the best ive had...

i just hooked up the phone to make sure it all worked and so i know how to do it in the future... i have not been using the phone so im not sure how the operation compares on an ongoing basis... but i can say the sound in n out was the best ive had...

after sorting it all out to make sure it worked as advertised... we are just using the intercom... which i can report is waterproof to date...

j o

Sounds like you have had some experience with some various headsets. Do yo think that this new F4 system has a superior Microphone to the other systems you've tried? How do you think the sound of your phone conversations with the F4 compare with the BTS systems you had?

The reason I'm asking: I currently have a BTS-200 like you had and have absolutely had it with the crappy mic on that thing. Tired of my phone conversations going like this: "WHAT? I can't hear a thing you are saying... WHAT?" I've tried the wired and the boom mic, turning up the sensitivity, they both are horrible. MP3 music is pretty good, but that mic, ugh! Before I had the BTS-200 I had a Chatterbox XBI which had a great mic apparently as my phone conversation went more like "Wow, you are on a motorcycle? Really?" But the XBI was not acceptable to me because it would not re-connect to my phone without manually redialing the last number (IMHO a proper bluetooth headset should auto-connect to a paired phone when turned on!) The BTS-200 definitely has better speakers for MP3. I'm ready to throw in the towel on the BTS and move on to a next generation headset where I can get the best of both worlds, good speakers, good mic.
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