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My Honda Elite 150 experimentation thread, jump in!

Okay guys & gals, I've jumped into the scootering scene...

She's a '85 Elite 150 I snagged for $600. I've been told that I got a good deal... Of course I'm an ex car salesman & tight ass at heart!

So anyways, ladies & gents, I could use a bit of help here being new to all this twist & go stuff. I'm mechanically inclined & she runs out pretty decent I think.

In the past day I've topped off the tires, changed the oil, adjusted the brakes, put a couple ounces of seafoam in the tank, taken off the right mirror (useless anyways) & the top case. I've also rode about 200 miles already! I've just got a few things to tackle I believe...

Any help greatly appreciated!

First off, I weigh maybe 150lbs & can barely get 55 topped out. Of course this is on flat ground, not tucked in & I live in Kansas, which means I'm almost always fighting some sort of wind. I tucked in today & got over 60 but as soon as I sat back up I was down to 55 again. I'm expecting a bit more. Is this about right?

I'm getting between 55 & 60 mpg abouts... Once again, I was expecting more. Is this average economy?

The plug is WHITE... So I need a bigger main. What carb does this thing have & what's the jetting stock for reference?

From what I've read, I understand that the biggest bang for the buck performance wise is getting those Dr pulley weights. I read another thread where somebody got 11 gram ones & says it made a huge difference. Anybody care to chime in on this?

So here's my idear... Figure out what carb I got & order a couple bigger jets to get a nice light brown plug. While I've got the carb out, tighten up the throttle cable to make sure I'm getting WOT. Once I see what that does, I'll order the Dr pulleys & get a new belt (I figure the one in it is probably original & therefore needs replaced... Wait, this does have some sort of belt right? I'm just assuming here...) At that point, if I can cruise at a solid 55 - 60, I'll be happy.

I'm not looking to go down the highway at 70, I've avoided them at all cost so far. Just being able to go down country black tops at 55 - 60 (keeping that speed up hills & into the wind is what I mean by 'solid') & not have cages crawling up my ass would be nice.

Brainstorm with me! Idears? Comments? A swift kick in the ass? Anything?
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