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As far as cross-winds, I've ridden across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in MD when they've prohibited trucks and RVs from crossing. The Feej will get beat up by the gusts, and there were times I was leaned pretty far over to stay straight. But I never ever was worried about losing control. I think the Ducati ST2 would have done about the same and definitely would not have even tried on the KLR.

A number of folks who originally bought the Gen1 FJRs were like me and moving from the Ducati ST series. I loved the Duck and wish I could've kept both at the time. The FJR may not have the newest bells and plastic, I would like to have an electric cruise rather than the throttle lock, but it's still better than most of what I'd consider and I've never regretted buying either my Gen1 or Gen2.

The first gen C14s had a lot of rough fit/finish stuff, such as all of the unfinished plastic and fit of the fairing gaps. This year's C14 is a really nice bike and I sure understand why people buy them. But to ME it's like the BMW K12GT series in that the wide tank feels like sitting with a concrete block between my legs. The ergos also didn't fit me in other ways. The C14 may be a bit lighter in weight but I find with the higher bags, the FJR center of gravity is lower, so that comes to a wash. As a commuter and compared to the Gen1 FJR I had, the C14 bags make it wider, plus the C14 valve interval (3-4X per year for me!!!) and gas mileage were a flat turn-off when I was looking at buying the Gen2 FJR or something else. Again, the C14 is a great bike and clearly a lot of people like them, it just didn't do it for me.

Try them all and there WILL be a flavor you like. They're all good. Heck, my boss still likes his ST13 Honda.
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