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A few thoughts

I only started riding at 44.. very late.. .but ducks and water...

I like to compare riding well to being in a first person shooter game... what is needed to really suceed is a 360 degree sense of awareness and the ability to anticipate the next encounter... on a bike this means knowing about ALL thr traffic in your sphere... all the lanes behind and ahead of you and the ability to track those targets and scan for and aquire new ones. .. there was a comment about cages darting in front of you on the freeway to get to thier exit... if that catches you by surprise then you aren't really doing all you can.

Always expect people to run red lights, pull out in front of you, doors to pop open on parked cars.. regardless... almost any "event" can be avoided by understanding the environment and what that means to your space on the road... little stuff means a lot... Night time visibility is poor but you also face increases in animal encounters as so many nocturnal ones are out and about...

I highly recommend a basic and then advanced training courses .. also pick a up and or borrow a few MC books.. I am a fan of Total Control by Keith Parks...

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